Vampires Among Us...

Vampires Exposed Terminology


process in which one person gives life-force-energy to another (voluntarily), in exchange for information. Much in the same way we use money to buy things, Life-Force-Energy is always traded when receiving information. Vampires DON'T follow the rules of trade, they are thieves who always receive Life-Force-Energy, by redirecting the flow of attention, using Mechanisms.

Vampirism is NOT gender specific, you will find as much female vampires as are male ones.
Vampire Types


Deeply ingrained subconscious processes for the sole purpose of redirecting the flow of attention to the subject (vampire) that is supposed to be paying attention at a specific moment. Yes, vampires are unconscious of their mechanisms, they do not engage in their mechanisms on purpose, nevertheless, they do have some dark side that I will explain later.


Etheric substance in and around all living beings, that can be directed at will by creating an attention pathway, much like electricity flowing on a cable, attention sets up the pathway (cable) in which this energy flows. Ever wonder why when somebody is sick heals faster when is given attention?... The sick person by being the subject of attention heals faster because he(she) receives Life-Force-Energy. DO NOT confuse sick people with vampires, usually it is the other way around and people get sick when they are exposed long enough to a vampire. test

Vampires Exposed

The hidden truth about human interaction

After a hard day at work, John Doe gets home. Tired and disturbed, he opens the door and Jane Doe is waiting for him. "Hi hun, how was your day at work?".. -She asks in a mellow voice- He starts talking about what happened at work, when all of a sudden, she coughs... (she only coughs when he is talking, but she doesn't realize it and always has an explanation about it), he doesn't understand how is it that in one moment, he was the subject of attention and the next moment, he is paying attention to her. This happens all the time, with different mechanisms, the end result is always the same; he never gets any attention and when he believes she will finally pay attention to him, he always finds himself, without knowing it, in the opposite position, giving attention all the time, and never getting any. He gets frustrated, depressed and irritable. He doesn't know why he feels like that. Life goes on, he takes another beer, turns the TV on, and he doesn't feel like doing anything. Day after day, it is the same scenario. After a while, he will either become a vampire himself through violence, leaves home, or he dies. Unless he dies, any path he takes, he will be blamed for, and will be labeled as the abusive party.
Is he really the abuser?... Is she really a victim?...
Vampirism is not gender specific, you may swap the players' position and the same interaction exist for both; males and females.

What you are about to read may shock you, and has the potential to radically change your point of view in human relationships, so if you are not feeling comfortable with what you are reading, make yourself a favor and do not continue. Otherwise, fasten your seatbelts and take the red pill, because what you thought is up, will prove to be down, and victims will become aggressors and aggressors will become victims, in a game of life-force-energy that has never been exposed before!


The currency everybody wants

Life-Force-Energy is not visible to the untrained eye, nevertheless, everybody feels it. It is the subtle impulse that creates motion in all living things, much like electricity makes your TV set work and fulfill its purpose. Otherwise your TV set will be a boat anchor instead. This subtle energy is always exchanged for information, in an infinite process in which the universe is becoming aware of itself through knowledge. It is the currency we pay in exchange for people's knowledge. Ever wonder why a lot of teachers look so young?... they are receiving this energy in exchange for their knowledge, and because they are part of the Fair Life-Force-Energy Trade System, Teachers, as the majority of people, are NOT vampires.
This energy keeps you young and healthy, enthusiastic and joyful. Depression, so common now a days, is just the opposite, it is the draining feeling you get when this energy is been drained from your body through anxiety, fear, or vampirism.


Trade rules you may want to know

Life-Force-Energy is traded, through the attention pathway, for information. Information becomes the object bought with the attention you gave. In normal human interaction, people always have information you need, and you also have information they need, the exchange is more or less fair, giving and receiving this energy as information flows. Vampires do not follow this rule. Vampires will use mechanisms to redirect the flow of energy to themselves, without having to give any information in exchange. Vampires are life-force-energy thieves.
In the above example, John Doe may become a vampire through violence, violence always redirects the energy flow to the aggressor, and the victim releases the life-force-energy through fear of the aggressor (this is the violent type vampire). In the other hand, Jane Doe, by redirecting the energy flow to herself all the time, through mechanisms is the passive type vampire. In this case, you have the typical interaction of a vampire based love relationship. Vampirism through aggression in response to passive vampirism.