Vampires Among Us...

Vampires Exposed Terminology


process in which one person gives life-force-energy to another (voluntarily), in exchange for information. Much in the same way we use money to buy things, Life-Force-Energy is always traded when receiving information. Vampires DON'T follow the rules of trade, they are thieves who always receive Life-Force-Energy, by redirecting the flow of attention, using Mechanisms.

Vampirism is NOT gender specific, you will find as much female vampires as are male ones.
Vampire Types


Deeply ingrained subconscious processes for the sole purpose of redirecting the flow of attention to the subject (vampire) that is supposed to be paying attention at a specific moment. Yes, vampires are unconscious of their mechanisms, they do not engage in their mechanisms on purpose, nevertheless, they do have some dark side that I will explain later.


Etheric substance in and around all living beings, that can be directed at will by creating an attention pathway, much like electricity flowing on a cable, attention sets up the pathway (cable) in which this energy flows. Ever wonder why when somebody is sick heals faster when is given attention?... The sick person by being the subject of attention heals faster because he(she) receives Life-Force-Energy. DO NOT confuse sick people with vampires, usually it is the other way around and people get sick when they are exposed long enough to a vampire. test

Dark Side of Vampirism

The Mind has Been Compromised...

  • The Mind is like an Energy transformer, it exchanges Life-Force-Energy for information, and vice-versa. The Mind's purpose is to know the creator through knowledge, classifying millions of bits of information, separating the truth from what is false, and it is connected and available to every human being through psychic connections very much like the internet works.
    This Energy Vs. Information System manages an incredible amount of energy, energy big enough to support parasitic beings that feed of energy leakages in the system.

The biggest mind's life-force-energy leakage cause: FEAR

  • These life-force-energy parasites have been called demons in many religions, the truth is that they are much like mosquitoes, but instead of using the proboscis (needle) to suck up your blood, they implant fear-based-thoughts in the Mind's system, just like computer viruses roaming around the internet in search of unprotected computers, and through these fear-based-thoughts they create energy leakages in unprotected human beings. Then, they collect these Energy leakages as food.
    Some people are calling this fear-based-thought-system mindset as "the reptilian mind".
    The truth is that it is not more than the method these Dark-Beings use to collect food for their survival.
    Most intriguing is the relationship between Vampires and these dark creatures-parasites who live by sucking our life-force through the injection of fear-based-thoughts in our minds.

Vampires and the Dark Ones...

  • The more Life-Force-Energy you manage, the more exposed you are to these Dark-Beings-Parasites, just like thieves around wealthy people, and for very much the same reasons.
    Life-Force is the currency everybody wants. It gives you joy, sense of purpose, a sensation of well-being, and youthfulness.
    Dark Beings have a symbiotic relationship with Vampires, they directly connect to the vampire's energy transfer path, and suck a percentage of the life-force been traded for information.
    Sometimes Vampires have so many Dark-Ones around, that they don't even need to exchange any information. Their sole presence drains you. After enough exposure, you lose so much Life-Force, that depression sets-in, with all the other symptoms associated with it, including anxiety, empty feelings, panic-attacks, generalized fear, etc.
    In some cases, an infection occurs, and much like when somebody with a cloud of mosquitoes gets near you, you may get some of the mosquitoes, the same happens when you get in contact with a vampire, and you may get some of the Dark-Beings the Vampire has around, and be bugged with intense fear-based-thoughts you may believe they are yours, long after the Vampire contact, when in fact, those thoughts are NOT yours, but only the way the dark-ones use the mind for you to leak your Life-Force-Energy through fear.

  • There is a way to break free from this system. There is a way to receive Life-Force-Energy without having to take it from others, breaking free of the empty feelings associated with the lack of Life-Force-Energy after exposure to an unfair exchange contact.