Vampires Among Us...

Vampires Exposed Terminology


process in which one person gives life-force-energy to another (voluntarily), in exchange for information. Much in the same way we use money to buy things, Life-Force-Energy is always traded when receiving information. Vampires DON'T follow the rules of trade, they are thieves who always receive Life-Force-Energy, by redirecting the flow of attention, using Mechanisms.

Vampirism is NOT gender specific, you will find as much female vampires as are male ones.
Vampire Types


Deeply ingrained subconscious processes for the sole purpose of redirecting the flow of attention to the subject (vampire) that is supposed to be paying attention at a specific moment. Yes, vampires are unconscious of their mechanisms, they do not engage in their mechanisms on purpose, nevertheless, they do have some dark side that I will explain later.


Etheric substance in and around all living beings, that can be directed at will by creating an attention pathway, much like electricity flowing on a cable, attention sets up the pathway (cable) in which this energy flows. Ever wonder why when somebody is sick heals faster when is given attention?... The sick person by being the subject of attention heals faster because he(she) receives Life-Force-Energy. DO NOT confuse sick people with vampires, usually it is the other way around and people get sick when they are exposed long enough to a vampire. test

Is Everybody a Vampire?

Do Not Confuse Trade With Stealing

  • No. the use of mechanisms does not make you a vampire.
  • Every normal human being uses mechanisms one way or another to redirect the attention pathway to themselves. This process does not make you a vampire. A vampire is an individual who does not embark on the fair life-force-energy trade rules. A vampire does never give anything in exchange for the life-force-energy they take.
    When normal people go buy groceries, they wait in line and pay for their groceries. This would be an example of fair-trade, in this example; vampires would just be like the thieve who takes the groceries, hide them in their clothes, and walks away with the goods without following the rules of trade. Vampires don't ever give anything to anybody, they are only takers, they use mechanisms to steal, normal people use mechanisms to equalize the exchange, normal people have the capacity to give and pay attention to others. Normal people have empathy. Vampires don't have that capacity. If you have ever cared and give attention to anybody, you are NOT a vampire. Vampires need all the life-force-energy they can take, in order to support their huge ego-systems.

- Life Force Vs. Information Trade Diagram :

Life Force Energy Fair Trade Diagram 1
  • In this diagram, you can see the typical Life-Force-Energy Vs. Information trade or Exchange System. In a normal case scenario, Subject A will give Subject B, Life-Force-Energy in exchange for information. Then the reverse will happen, Subject B will give Life-Force-Energy to the Subject A, in exchange for information. If one of the Subjects were to engage in mechanisms to constantly redirect the flow of attention to himself, then this person would be engaging in an unfair exchange system, and the other subject can engage in mechanisms to redirect the flow of attention, in order to re-establish a fair trade system. if one of the Subjects continue to engage in mechanisms to redirect the flow of attention to himself, after many attempts were made to have a fair trade system between the two, then make yourself a favor and walk away, otherwise you will be drained, feeling tired and depressed and the reason was because you gave more attention (Life Force Energy) than what you received.

  • Humanity is at a stage in evolution where Life-Force-Energy is traded for information, in much the same way as the economy works. People give Life-Force-Energy (through attention), and receive information; Life-Force-Energy being the equivalent of money, and information the equivalent of goods received. The problem with this system is that it leads to greed through mechanisms, and very few receive a lot of Life-Force-Energy in exchange for useless information, and the many get; depression, anxiety, panic attacks, lack of joy, attention-deficit-disorders, phobias, manias, fears, etc, related with the constant leakage of Life-Force-Energy.
    Through unfair Life-Force Exchanges, the very few have joyful, meaningful lives, Just as the economy's pyramidal distribution of wealth is set up.

  • There is a way to break free from this system, there is a way to receive Life-Force-Energy without having to take it from others, breaking free of the empty feelings associated with the lack of Life-Force-Energy.