Vampires Among Us...

Vampires Exposed Terminology


process in which one person gives life-force-energy to another (voluntarily), in exchange for information. Much in the same way we use money to buy things, Life-Force-Energy is always traded when receiving information. Vampires DON'T follow the rules of trade, they are thieves who always receive Life-Force-Energy, by redirecting the flow of attention, using Mechanisms.

Vampirism is NOT gender specific, you will find as much female vampires as are male ones.
Vampire Types


Deeply ingrained subconscious processes for the sole purpose of redirecting the flow of attention to the subject (vampire) that is supposed to be paying attention at a specific moment. Yes, vampires are unconscious of their mechanisms, they do not engage in their mechanisms on purpose, nevertheless, they do have some Dark Side.


Etheric substance in and around all living beings, that can be directed at will by creating an attention pathway, much like electricity flowing on a cable, attention sets up the pathway (cable) in which this energy flows. Ever wonder why when somebody is sick heals faster when is given attention?... The sick person by being the subject of attention heals faster because he(she) receives Life-Force-Energy. DO NOT confuse sick people with vampires, usually it is the other way around and people get sick when they are exposed long enough to a vampire. test

Vampires Exposed - Types

Most Common Types Exposed

Vampires are defined by their predominant mechanism as follows:

- Passive Vampires (Yin Expression)

  • The Victim:
  • This type has a sense of martyrdom, the worse things imaginable has happened to Him/Her, no other people's problems seem to be of any importance compared with their problems, in fact, they are totally immune to feel any empathy for anybody else but themselves. Highly egotistical, this type is always nervous, with anxiety attacks and many fears. Make yourself a favor and do not play their game, you will be drained and kicked like an empty beer can. Avoid them at all costs.

  • The Childish:
  • This type is the one who interrupts and redirects the energy flow by laughing hysterically, by dropping an object and making noise in the middle of a conversation, it is the one that cough when somebody else is supposed to be exchanging information at that precise moment, it is the one that uses child like mechanisms to redirect the life-force-energy to themselves, leaving the rest drained and sleepy. This type of vampire is the less dangerous.

- Active Vampire (Yang Expression)

  • The Violent Vampire:
  • Violence is the first symptom and the way vampires transmit their trade, violence is the way common people experience the rush of energy coming from their victims that later become vampires themselves, it is like an easy robbery, it is the bully at school, the intimidating sales person, the abusive police officer. Any person who intimidates somebody else, is robbing the victims' Life Force through the pathway of fear. Do not fear them and they will go away.
    This type almost always finds a symbiotic relationship with the victim-type, with horrible consequences, ending up sometimes in the ultimate deplorable act of violence against the victim-type

  • The Talkative Vampire:
  • The talkative vampire will never let you expose any idea or information, they constantly concatenate one phrase after another, any attempt you make to expose any information and therefore direct the energy flow to yourself, will be futile. You will end up totally drained and depressed after long enough exposure to this type of vampire. Make yourself a favor and avoid them.

  • The Sacred Cow Vampire:
  • Highly egotistical, they think their logic is above everybody else's. They are the type; "I think, therefore I am..." and because they think their logic is far superior, and everybody else's logic and knowledge is bellow them, they claim and believe everybody should listen and pay attention to them all the time. By entering endless arguments with anybody who gets in contact with them, these vampire type redirects attention to themselves. Demonstrating with their fuzzy logic that they are always right, they take away the right of expression from their victims. These vampire type is very harmful, they do NOT respect Life as a sacred expression, they are usually atheists and have double standards, they will always justify anything they do and they believe they are perfect and everybody else is wrong. These life-force-energy thieves are a very common type, just let them live alone in their "perfect existence..."

- Everybody I know fits somehow at least one vampire type... is everybody a vampire?